The Revolution Of Digital Signage Is Changing the Way Advertisement Works

The Revolution Of Digital Signage Is Changing the Way Advertisement Works

Digital signage is hoarding in digital form. Companies advertise themselves using digital signage at public places and at point-of-sale. Since it is in digital form it is said to be a part of digital marketing, and one advantageous feature of it is that the companies can easily manage interactive digital signage, create and distribute their idea using the revolution of digital signage. 

Digital signage is also referred to as multimedia digital signage and dynamic digital signage. The location of digital signage can be both indoors and outdoors. Indoor digital signage is said to be more impactful when it comes to attracting customers because the advertisement is right at the point-of-sale. On the other hand, outdoor digital signage is a better option when companies want to spread awareness about the product. The most common outdoor locations are plazas, city centers, or gas/bus stations. 

When comparing the cost structure of indoor and outdoor digital signage, indoor is requires less investment compared to outdoor signage.

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Types of digital signage contents

Companies can use digital signage to display many types of content, some of them are:

  1. Offers and promotions: If the company is planning to use it as marketing media digital signage solution Malaysia, then they can display information concerning the product such as its price, features, materials, etc.
  2. Wayfinding: Service providers can use the signage as a digital map that will guide the customers towards the stores or offices.
  3. Menu board: If the store provides hospitality services, then the signage can be used to display menus and other offers. One can also update it with time as menus and offers change.
  4. Customer reactions: Indoor signage at the point-of-sale can be used to display social media content and reactions of other satisfied customers. This will help in making a strong brand reputation.
  5. Transportation information: In the case of public places such as museums, schools, amusement parks, outdoor digital signage can be used to display public transport schedules and directions. The authorities can also use it to display special events and programs.   
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Advantages of digital signage

Some of the advantages of the revolution of digital signage are:

  1. Grabs attention

Digital signage can attract more customers than conventional advertisements. The bright lights and patterns catch the passerby’s eyes making them stop and read the information displayed. 

  1. Leaves an impression

The digital signage creatively displays the advertisements that it stays in the people’s mind even after they walk past the signs. And if they can remember it, then later they will pay a visit to the store and end up buying the product.

  1. Creates sales opportunities right at the stores

Many times some purchases are made at the spur of the moment that is, it was not decided. Maybe some advertisement or deal was convincing enough to get the customers to purchase the product. This strategy is also used by companies by placing attractive and interactive digital signage at the point-of-sale that convinces the customers to make purchases. 

  1. Leaves room for tweaks

Since in digital signage the advertisement is in digital format, the companies can instantaneously change messages and offer to match the situation or audience. This advantage is not available with conventional ads.

With time and technology, everything is changing, even the advertisement methods. So, to match with changes, companies invest in digital signage to reach a wider consumer base. It is better than conventional ads in many ways and is also budget-friendly.

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