The Bitcoin Verse Token

The Bitcoin Verse Token
The Bitcoin Verse (BTC-V) has the potential to become a popular currency in the future. It is a
cross-chain utility token built on the ERC-20 standard and native to the AidiCraft gaming

platform hyperverse app. AidiCraft’s platform allows users to create non-fungible tokens, allowing for a full-
featured marketplace with different categories. Users of AidiCraft are rewarded with a 20% share

of the VERSE supply. Like the NFT, VERSE is closely tied to AidiPlayFi and $AIDI. announces private sale of new VERSE token. – DABLAZE 88.7 FM

VERSE is a native utility token for AidiCraft
VERSE is the main utility token in AidiCraft, a proprietary NFT marketplace. Approximately 20%
of the total supply is reserved to reward users of the AidiCraft platform. Users can purchase
NFTs, create their own genaro mainnet, and interact with other NFT enthusiasts. To increase the usability of
VERSE, the team plans to implement a Lazy Minting mechanism. As a result, artists will incur
zero gas costs for listing their NFTs in VERSE.
VERSE will share 3% of its ETH value with the Aidiverse marketing team and charity wallet. It
will have an initial buy limit, which will be removed later. A maximum daily sell amount will
discourage whale dumping. A double fee is charged on every sale. For more information about
VERSE, see our VERSE vs. AidiCraft trading guide.
It is a cross-chain token built on the ERC-20 standard
A cross-chain token is an asset that is issued on a different chain from the main one. It has
many characteristics and can be exchanged for other assets, such as fiat currency. It is also
possible to use multiple currencies on one blockchain, such as Bitcoin. There are several
different types of cross-chain tokens. Bitcoin Verse is one example. You can use it to buy and
sell Bitcoin.
Verse is a cross-chain token that is built on the ERC-20 standard and will focus on low-fee,
EVM-compatible chains. In addition to its use as a development fund, Verse is also intended to
serve as an ecosystem incentive token. The initial supply of Verse will be 210 billion coins, which
will be unlocked block-by-block over a seven-year period. Its emission schedule will reduce
circulating supply while maximizing network effects.

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It is currently priced at $0.748891 per VERSE
In case you are unaware of the cryptocurrency market, the price of Bitcoin verse is $0.748891
per VERSE. This is a new all-time high for the cryptocurrency. You can find a list of the top 50
cryptocurrencies by market cap on Coinbase, and the 8 assets closest to Verse in terms of
market capitalization. Whether you’re looking to purchase Verse or simply learn more about the
cryptocurrency, there’s no better time to invest than now!
It is not a sign of the tribulation
While the Bible does not mention Bitcoin in the book of Revelation, it does refer to the conditions

that will exist during the tribulation. One of the characteristics of the Anti-Christ will be his total
control over the world economy. This will be made possible through the power of computers.
Until 1998, the Bible did not mention the internet or cryptocurrencies. However, with the advent
of the digital age, this total control is much easier to achieve.
Throughout the tribulation, the image of the beast will speak and the people will be swept away.
According to Revelation 13:11-15, the Antichrist will persecute people who do not worship the
image. The world-ruling government will try to convert the majority of the population to its
counterfeit religion. Despite all this, there are many things that will occur during this time.

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